How to fix Remini Network not connected? Solve Now

Are you facing network problems using Remini and want to know how to fix the Remini network not connected? No more worries. We are here with the easiest solutions.

Remini may not work properly when your device has a poor internet connection. You can simply switch to another network. For example, if you are using a WIFI network, switch to a mobile data network.

Fix Remini Network not connected?

If you are a VPN user, turn it off and try again. Here is another solution. Follow these steps to fix the problem in the Remini photo enhancer:

  • Open your device “Setting.”
  • Search for “date and time”
  • Enable the” Auto” option.
  • Disable it first if it is enabled earlier. Then again enable it.
  • Net, enable airplane mode. Wait for a while and disable it.
  • Open the Google Play Store app and look for the app.
  • Update Remini photo enhancer first if any update is required.

After this, your Remini should start properly. You can also try Remini for pc with old versions to enhance photos with Ai. If there is still a network error, follow these steps:

Still a Network Error in Remini? Try these steps

  • Go to settings.
  • Next, select apps and then choose to manage apps.
  • Look for Remini photo app and open it.
  • Click on the “force to stop” option.
  • Next, choose “clear all data.”
  • Then choose “app permissions” and allow the required permissions.

Now your network error problem in the app will surely be solved. If you find any other problems using Remini photo app, just comment below. We will surely solve your problems. If remini problem not solving then you can edit videos with capcut pro apk.

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