Fix Remini photo wasn’t enhanced. What happened?

If you are using the Remini pro apk and trying to enhance photos but it’s not working for you, there are some things you need to check before enhancing your photos. Maybe you are doing it the wrong way or there are some checks you need to apply before fixing the error that says “photo was not enhanced.”

Steps to Fix the Error “My Photo Was Not Enhanced”

Always try to use the updated version of remini. You can get free of cost from our site. Then apply the steps given below.

Fix Remini photo wasn't enhanced.

Blurred Photo

The first reason may be that the picture you are uploading is very blurred or damaged. Your picture may include one or more faces that are blurred, making it impossible for the Remini app to enhance your photo. Try using a clear photo instead of a damaged or excessively blurry one. Yes, the app uses artificial intelligence to clean photos, but there are limits, and you need to upload a photo that is not excessively blurred or damaged.

Too large Image

Another reason could be that the image you are trying to upload is too large. Remini AI can optimize images of size 2048 by 2048 pixels. Any photo larger than this limit may result in an error. Try compressing your image within the app’s limit, and then it can enhance your photo without errors.

Too Small Image

It’s also possible that you are uploading an image that is too small. To avoid errors with small images, try uploading a clear image after cropping. You can also request a copy of your data from remini.

If above not working try to use remini on PC and create beautiful avatars. Try fixing the remini network connection issue.


I hope that after applying the above tips, you will not encounter the error stating that your Remini photo was not enhanced. Still if you are facing problems we will recommend you to use pro version of remini free that you can get from

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