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Remini Alternatives for PC and Android (2024) – An overview

Remini is the Best AI photo enhancer for PC. Today I am going to share Remini Alternatives for Pc. If you enjoy working on Pc rather than android or IOS devices, this article will be very helpful for you. Remini is the best app to edit your blurred old pictures.

Remini Alternatives For Pc

These apps are similar to remini in many functions and you can use them as an alternative to Remini. You can also try Remini Pro mod apk for Android which gives unlimited everything like pro cards, no ads, video enhancement, and many filters free of cost. Here is a list of the best application which can work as alternatives to Remini PC and Mac.

Remini alternatives
Remini Alternatives


B612 is the best alternative for Remini to use on pc.  This is considered the best alternative to Remini. B6 12 works very efficiently with its users. It allows you to capture pictures of the moments. One of the best things about the app is that it provides you with all editing options automatically. It recognizes the editing need in your picture and gives you hints to choose the best editing tool. The working of B612 is very smooth and accurate anyone can use its great features.

This app consists of so many filters and effects. It has up to 40 different filters which can make your photo stunning. One of the interesting things about the app is that it has a vignette option. When you choose any filter for your photo it automatically crops the edges and adjusts the border. Recently the developers added new fonts, new stickers, and filters to the application.


VSCO is another best alternative to remini. Its camera is highly adjusted and cones with extra and fabulous features than remini. The best about VSCO4 is that it comes with a community option. If you are fond of becoming famous among people then this editing app is best for you. It provides an option that allows you to capture, edit and share your photo with the community.

VSCO is loaded with great features which are unavailable in the Remini for pc. It boasts your photo and enhances it in a professional manner. It includes the best editing tools and has additional features like vignettes, adjusting borders, white balance, color combinations, cropping, and much more.

This app allows you to edit pictures and share them on social networking such as WhatsApp and Instagram. In addition, the app is completely free. If you are fond of editing then install the app and start enjoying your time.


Pixlr is another free and superb alternative to remini. It can be used to enhance photos of professional quality.  You can use the app instead of remini. It contains exceptional features such as rotation, color, brightness copy, and much more. If you are fond of editing photos and images then this app will help you very much. One thing you have to do is just to install it on your device and start using the app. It’s very easy to use pixlr. You can have access to the great features very easily. 


Snapseed is another best app to use as an alternative to remini for pc. Snapseed is the best application for photo editing. The plus point of the app is that it is completely free. The users can use all the features for free. You don’t have to pay even a single penny to enjoy its stunning features. The app is available on the google play store. Google allows only quality products. It is proven that it is a very good app for editing.

Snapseed can edit your picture in a different way. It recognizes unnecessary spots on your picture and clear spots. The app comes with a lot of great features such as grunge, tonal contrast, lens blur,  vintage, grainy film, retrolux,  glamor glow, and many more. It can easily adjust the white balance and can control the color effect of your photo very easily.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a photo editing application available on the store as well as for the windows store. It is another best alternative for the use remini alternative.

It consists of all the necessary features that are needed to enhance your photo perfectly. It includes the best tools like contrast, brightness, cropping up, borders, eye corrector, automatically analyze option, and much more. You can do many other things other than this. The app is also available for free. You can install and enjoy the app.

The notable thing about the app is that you have to sign in for the account of adobe photoshop express. Its process is very easy. You can easily sign up and enjoy the app. The app is easy to install and easy to use. Anyone can use it easily.

AI capture

AI capture is the best photo-video capturing application. Amazing application with so many great features. It can be used as an alternative to the remini.  It is a multi-section of many cameras available on google. It includes IMU sensors, location providers, automatic pose sensors, and much more.

The best features of this app include automatic control, whitening balance, image stabilization, focus distance, live display of frequency, including each and every detail of sensors, and much more.


Faceapp is a wonderful application with so many great features. It contains up to 500 million downloads. It is everyone’s favorite application available on Android and can be used as an alternative to the pc. It is probably the best app available right now. This app is best to design a magazine cover.  It includes a great set of pictures and filters. The app also allows sharing your best-edited picture on social media sites. You can use the app easily.


Meitu is the best application provided for android and ios users. It can also use as remini alternative for pc. It is a Chinese-developed application. Its name means beautiful picture. The application is as beautiful and enjoyable as its name. 

You can capture the best photo using the app and turn it into a dreamy picture. This app is incompatible with all other android applications.  One of the best features of the app is that it includes facial recognition. When you capture a photo. It recognizes your face and then automatically adjusts suitable filters and effects for your picture. Meitu is very easy to use. Anyone can use it easily. One of the things you have to do is just capture a selfie and then enhance it as you like. You can add a lot of filters and effects to your single photo. If you are not liking any effect you can also remove that editing.

YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is a famous camera.  It is best to use it as an alternative for remini. YouCam Makeup is very popular among beauty-conscious girls. It can make your looks more beautiful and realistic. Without applying makeup, you can enjoy your face with a makeup look.  It automatically detects your face and rapidly enhances your beauty. You can use ao many features of the application for free. Such as beauty filters, makeup filters, tools for shaping your look according to your need, and much more. If you want such an amazing camera click on the install button and have it for completely free.

How To Use Android Apps On Pc?

You can use the android app absolutely free on PC and Mac. But you have to follow the given basic and easy steps. You can use these apps on android and remini alternatives.

  • First of all, you need an android emulator like Bluestacks, LD Player, NOX player to use the android application on your mobile device.
  • Bluestacks is the best android emulator. Download and install bluestacks on your computer.
  • Complete the google sign-up process if you are not signed in for play store access.
  • Look for any photo enhancer app on the search bar.
  • Choose a photo enhancer app and click install
  • If you have not completed the google sign-up process click and complete google sign-up.
  • Now, the app you chose to download is on your desktop. Click on the app to enjoy the best and most stunning features.


How to get free apps like Remini?

Free apps like remini also use Ai technology which can do wonders for you like enhancing photos and videos. The list we provide above may be enough for you to get the functionalities of remini.

Is there an alternative to remini for pc?

Yes, there is an alternative for pc. You can have so many choices other than remini app. Such as meitu, adone photoshop express, and much more. There are many useful and free apps available apps for users.

Is snapseed use AI technology to edit pictures?

Yes, Snapseed uses Ai intelligence to edit old photos. It contains the best AI enhancer tools that make it so special and trustworthy for its users. Also comes with great features that are compatible to use with pc users.

Is snapseed for PC safe and secure?

Yes, snapseed for pc is highly safe and secure. You can easily use it. If you have any doubts you can consult its privacy policy to ensure your safety. The app is highly safe and only concerned with the editing of your picture. Also available on the google play store.

Are Photo Enhancer Apps like Remini worth using?

Photo enhancer apps are always worth using. There may be some differences between other apps, but all of them provide value and amazing results.

Final Words

These are the best application that can be used as remini alternatives for pc. These are the best applications and are loaded with great features. Many editing features that the applications contain are unavailable in the remini for pc. You can enjoy these apps on or by following the given steps. Enjoy the best apps and have a superb experience. You can use alternative if you want.

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